New Porn Games

Daughter of Hephaestus Chapter 1 Daughter of Hephaestus Chapter 1
Daughter of Hephaestus is an erotic visual novel with tons of choices, both big and small, for you to make. Not every character in the game is going to like the choices you make, but that's half the fun.
January 15th
Umichan Stakeout Umichan Stakeout
'Umichan Stakeout' in another short but great, visual novel sex game from "spiralvortexplay"! This hentai game with a fully animated sex scene tells the story of 'Tom' and 'Alma', who spend their night attempting to catch a pervert who's been stalking the local female students. However, when they fail to catch anyone, they decide to simpl...
January 14th
Pussymon - The Fruit Valley (Ep. 42) Pussymon - The Fruit Valley (Ep. 42)
This is the next episode (January of 2019) of the Pussymon series of adult hentai battle rpgs. In this version we are now able to to travel to a brand new area in Liunahelm: "The Fruit Valley". There are 6 new Pussymon to fight and fuck, 19 new animations, a new sex scene with Scarlet, 7 new main quests, 1 new side quest and over 150 line...
January 13th
The Void Club Ch.2 The Void Club Ch.2
You are the owner of the nascent sex club and it is your job to recruit women across universes and make them servile to make the Void Club a success for your benefactor. Take advantage of your loyal aide and make choices to acquire talented heroines that you can also take advantage of before putting them to work for the Void Club. Or die ...
January 10th
Team Christmas Team Christmas
This one's a bit of a late Christmas gift. It's a Holiday themed sci-fi porn game where you'll celebrate intergalactic Xmas onboard a spacecraft with a bunch of hot babes. You'll have to make the correct choices and find all of the different endings and scenes. The sex scenes are fully animated with a number of different positions and cam...
January 9th
Galactic Monster Quest Galactic Monster Quest
Galactic Monster Quest - an interactive adult game which offers you the opportunity to experience life as an explorer of an unknown sector of the galaxy. Your mission is to act as a human ambassador and establish good relations with all kinds of alien species that you find there in the wider universe. Use your intelligence and charm to me...
January 8th
Catch Them All Catch Them All
This is a simple, old-fashioned, arcade sex game where you have to uncover the gray field in order to reveal the hot, hentai & video game babes hidden beneath. Use your arrow keys to move the blue circle onto the image, but don't get hit by the dragon balls!
January 7th
Rock Candy - Spectacular Spectrophilia Rock Candy - Spectacular Spectrophilia
There have always been rumors of a haunting at an old manor in the outskirts of the city of Granköping. Recently, however, those rumors hint of a treasure that will grant cat-people unlimited power being guarded by the ghost haunting the manor. Your character, having heard of this rumor, has decided to find out if it is true. Choose from...
January 4th

More Adult Games

With Christmas having passed and the New Year approaching, all the holiday cheer has Bowser in a foul mood. This year, he has kidnapped the Nintendolls and imprisoned them in his secret mansion up on Freeze Mountain. Now, it is up to you to break them free and claim their gracious rewards!
January 2nd
The Christmas Key The Christmas Key
A lonely, horny guy gets an amazing gift from Santa Claus. It's a 'magical hentai key' which can open any closed door! (But only once). It's now up to our hero to choose wisely and use it to go where no man has gone before in this brand new holiday themed porn game. In "The Christmas Key" you'll get to choose between fucking one of the tw...
January 1st
The Roommates 4 The Roommates 4
Welcome to part 4 of Rick's journey. He's been given the difficult task of selling all of the stock from 4 different shipping containers at a Manchester port for his bitch of a boss. Today, you need to sell the second container which is full of alcoholic products or your boss won't be pleased!. Just as you're morning begins, you run into ...
December 31st
Fuckerman3D: Jingle Balls Fuckerman3D: Jingle Balls
In this new, exciting installment of the "Fuckerman" porn series of games, it's Christmas Eve and Fuckerman is preparing to celebrate the Holiday Season the only way he knows how! He has to decorate an Xmas tree and fuck the busty "Mrs. Claus". There's heaps of sexual positions to see. Oh, and this time it's in a fully animated and intera...
December 30th
Daughter for Dessert Ch13 Daughter for Dessert Ch13
This is the thirteenth chapter in the "Daughter for Dessert" series of adult visual novels. It requires you to have a save file from the previous chapters before running this one because your choices in previous chapters carry over and have various consequences involved. This series is long and full of choices, incest content, sex scenes ...
December 29th
Amour Amour
It's a porn themed shooter game. You must give as much love as possible to beings of different worlds by shooting them with a wide selection of weapons! Defeat enemies and use the points you rack up to purchase upgrades, new weapons, or just more ammo! Every bullet counts so use it wisely! If you can't stop the enemies in time, they'll ha...
December 27th
House of Maids v0.0.3b (December 2018) House of Maids v0.0.3b (December 2018)
Three new characters and lots of new content have been added to December update of the 'House of Maids' game. It's a Nutaku styled, visual novel porn game that tells a story about an aspiring glamor photographer who travels to an isolated island for a photo shoot with a smoking hot, amateur Instagram model. Things don't go as planned, how...
December 26th
Haunted Onsen Christmas Scramble Haunted Onsen Christmas Scramble
The third installment in the Haunted Onsen series is another short, bonus game. This time it's a Christmas-themed special where your goal is to help all of the girls get gifts for their 'Secret Santa' event. Help all of the girls, and you’ll enjoy a nice fuck session with up to all four of them at once! Make sure to pick your choices ca...
December 25th

More Cartoon Porn

Femdom World Part 3: Tribe Femdom World Part 3: Tribe
In part 3 of this femdom, MnF style, sex game: we follow the story of a short, chubby geologist who is captured by a tribe of powerful, lust-filled Amazonian sluts! He'll have to pleasure them all and do exactly what he's told if he wants to make it out of their kingdom alive... or will he be powerless to resist and forced to remain their...
December 22nd
Femdom World Part 2: Two Sisters Femdom World Part 2: Two Sisters
In part 2 of this femdom, MnF style, sex game: a poor, scrawny pizza delivery guy is kidnapped by two, big, horny sisters during his final shift. These two, huge titted sluts want his cum and won't take no for an answer! They proceed to brutally fuck this guy and drain his packed balls against his will... or so it seems...
December 22nd
Femdom World Part 1: My Boss, Miss Adams Femdom World Part 1: My Boss, Miss Adams
This is the story of a young, timid guy just trying to survive in a world of powerful ladies. Clyde is failing at his current job and about to be fired! His only chance is to do everything his busty boss, Miss Adams, tells him. Help Clyde serve his hot, new mistress in this femdom themed, MnF style, sex game.
December 22nd
The Dungeons and the Bungler The Dungeons and the Bungler
"The Dungeons and the Bungler" is the next porn game in the 'Sexy Witch' series where you hook up with magical babes. It's playable even on your phone. This time, you've been tasked with getting rid of a sexy orc-girl who has settled in a nearby cave. To make her leave, you'll have to help her unlock her untapped magical abilities in orde...
December 21st
After the Christmas Eve disaster at Meet and Fuck Mall, mega-titted manager Mrs. Megamounds found herself out of work, and low on cash! Desperate to continue with her lavish lifestyle, the curvaceous beauty finds a new career using the only talent she has - being a living, breathing, sex doll and milk machine!
December 20th
Pussymon - Where's Babette (Ep. 41) Pussymon - Where's Babette (Ep. 41)
This is the next episode (December of 2018) of the Pussymon series of adult hentai battle rpgs. Travel back to Halloween town in search of the princess, form closer relationships with many characters and discover some new ones as well... This big update brings us: 10 new Pussymon, 36 new animations, 5 boss battles, new sex scenes with exi...
December 20th
Sexual Satisfaction - Chapter 2 Sexual Satisfaction - Chapter 2
Continue the exciting, incestuous adventures of Zoe, Hannah and their father John in the second chapter of this love and sex driven journey down memory lane. John continues to relay his increasingly scandalous story to the mysterious girl he's talking with. There's more sex scenes with stripper 'Gabriela' as well. Enjoy the latest chapter...
December 19th
Yoshi Island Animation Yoshi Island Animation
This one's not an adult porn game or animation this time. This is simply an awesome animation with mildly NSFW scenes for all fans of the Mario universe. It features some classic enemies re-imagined as hot monster girls with some nice clothing destruction shots. Hope you enjoy. :)
December 15th

More Free Sex Games

Fairy Tail Pool Flare x Lucy Fairy Tail Pool Flare x Lucy
This is a short cartoon lesbian animation starring Flare and Lucy from Japanese manga series 'Fairy Tail'. It's based on a scene taken directly from the anime. Lucy's perverted imagination runs wild as she envisions what Flare is going to do to her in this animated, hentai sex scene...
December 13th
Sophie's Desires Part 1 Sophie's Desires Part 1
This new awesome game follows the naughty adventures of Camille, Suzie, teacher Matieu and of course…Sophie. Just like most of the Sharks Lagoon games, this one also has 2 parts and they are filled with interesting and very exciting scenes. A new feature is that when typing the secret word in scenes that are crucial and can lead to the ...
December 9th
Sophie's Desires Part 2 Sophie's Desires Part 2
This new awesome game follows the naughty adventures of Camille, Suzie, teacher Matieu and of course…Sophie. Just like most of the Sharks Lagoon games, this one also has 2 parts and they are filled with interesting and very exciting scenes. A new feature is that when typing the secret word in scenes that are crucial and can lead to the ...
December 9th
Chapter 2: Alistair Kingsleigh is a transfer student from England who has come to MnF Metropolis to study abroad. While enjoying an afternoon off in the city park, he accidentally stumbles into a bizarre world. But is any of it real?
December 7th
Lust Quest: Cannie Lust Quest: Cannie
'Lust Quest: Cannie' is a short, 2D furry sex game with both visual novel, and RPG elements. You play a novice adventurer taking odd jobs and getting in way over your head. Set in a land with loose morals and high sexual tension, EXPLORE a place populated by many anthropomorphic characters and monsters who are overcome with lust! Flirt wi...
December 6th
Hentai in Puzzles Hentai in Puzzles
As you can see on thumbnails this is a hentai puzzle game. It's easy to play and easy to win. Simply complete the puzzles to view the uncensored, animated sex scenes. There's 7 in total to unlock. Have a fun. *Turn on 'show hints' under settings if you want to know if you're making the right moves.
December 4th
Lala's Micro-H Game Lala's Micro-H Game
Today's game is a short, interactive animation loop in which you can fuck the hot, hentai, monster girl 'Lala' from the 'Monmusu' game. You find her working as a stripper inside of a crowded night club. Take the horny, purple slut in a doggy style position and then finish her off by cumming deep inside her tight little pussy. Enjoy this s...
December 3rd
The Roommates 3 The Roommates 3
It's time for part 3! So far, Rick has successfully moved to Manchester and, without telling his fiance 'Julie', is now living in a house with a lesbian couple, Megan and Paris. Now that you're settled in, it's time to get to work since your bitch of a boss gave you an extremely short deadline to make your first sale. You'll have to choos...
November 30th
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